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I am a stay-at-home mom, recently turned liberal rabble-rouser, living in a Republican suburb of Red State America. In the last two years, I have become a political junkie thanks to George Bush and the Republican extremists running our government. Their disastrous leadership has propelled me from a mild mannered, politically clueless, former Republican, independent voter, into a progressive grassroots activist on a mission to bring COMMON SENSE back to politics, the media and public discourse.

If there is one thing that I have learned in my short, but intense experience as an activist, it is that people really want to talk about politics. They just don't know how to begin. So I started designing political items to help everyone start healthy conversations that lead to positive political action.

The feedback I get is phenomenal. I have sold items in every state and even overseas to patriotic Americans who know that we all have to get out of our comfort zone and talk to others about what is going on. The point is not to confront those who disagree, but to encourage people who are less sure about politics to discuss issues and ask questions.

I hope that you find my products provocative, empowering and fun. After all, politics should be about inspiring us as a community to seek the betterment of all, not dividing us with fanaticism and fear for the benefit of a few.


Common Sense Mom

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* is a commercial entity that is NOT associated with any political action committee. Common Sense Mom designed products are intended to facilitate freedom of speech expressed by the wearer. FEC rules require that money from the sales of these products will NOT be used to finance a specific political campaign.
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